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Dynamic Time Management Suite

Dynamic Time Management Suite helps track your main life goals, be prepared to important events in advance and harmonize your life. It incorporates all that you need to manage your time effectively.
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The fifth time management generation Dynamic Time Management Suite incorporates all that you need to manage your time effectively:
Fifth time management generation time manager Your Voice Reminder is an enhanced multi-user aware time manager of the regular type. It includes calendars, clocks, random-color alarms and reminders, can say time /date with the voice of your friend or your own, automatically composes and prints to-do list, can export, import and merge its reminders and alarms.
Your Voice Reminder (YVR) Screenshot. Taskbar clock with round corners. Pop-up round clock, calendar, image and to - do list. Reminders and alarms window.Your Voice Reminder can say time /date periodically with your own voice or voices of your friends as well as tell the time with text/voice reminders and alarms. It also has the calendar, to which you may attach your friend's photo, to-do list, and other functions that you'd expect in a regular time management application.

It may be a great, unique and personalized gift idea for her, for him and, well, yourself. Your Voice Reminder may remind you about forthcoming events with alarms and start up reminders (text or voice), show pop-up image, has highly customizable task bar clock, pop-up round clock to work with hidden taskbar, calendar, printable to-do list and more.

You may share Your Voice Reminder on the same computer with the other household members. It also supports fast user switching.

The program includes sample reminders for major US holidays, daylight savings time, and other key events.

Your Voice Reminder supersedes AAP Reminder.

Get organized in minutes today - the easy and personal way!

download Your Voice Reminder free trial buy Your Voice Reminder now for $29.95 System Requirements: Windows 98, Me, 2000, or XP. Sound card. Download size 3.4 MB.
Fifth time management generation strategic time manager Activities and Priorities manages the main activities in our life that we should keep on doing again and again to move with Time, to avoid crises, preserve harmony and happiness.
Activities and Priorities (AAP) is a program that helps you decide which of your activities (life goals) are currently most important. AAP helps you harmonize your life, preventing and overcoming stress.

The concept of Activities and Priorities is new and innovative. It was probably the first application of the fifth time management generation and, as far as I know, still has nothing to compare with. Activities and Priorities incorporates the most important new trends in modern time management. To see how it does this read the Guide to Dynamic Time Management, which is a compendium of the latest advice from the leading time management experts and my own.

The Light AAP version is free and is capable enough for people with the usual number of activities.
Activities and Priorities download page buy Activities and Priorities now for $29.95 System Requirements: Windows 95, NT, 98, Me, 2000, or XP. Download size 1.9 MB.

Guide to Dynamic Time Management
This guide is the first guide to the fifth time management generation. It was written to clarify the new time management concepts implemented in Activities and Priorities and Your Voice Reminder. It describes how to manage your time effectively in accordance with the ideas of many great time management experts and my own. The guide is free to read in this site. You may also download Guide to Dynamic Time Management in convenient Adobe Acrobat format to print and read at your leisure or browse offline.
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