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Vadim Motorine Resume

*Why this resume is different

As distinct of many others I have the real and *objective proofs* of my skills that you may explore (see the "Objective" section of the resume).


Project manager C++ / Architect C++ / Senior Software Developer C++



A position as a C++ senior software developer / architect / project manager that will utilize my experience in developing large and reliable software as the developer, architect and the team leader


I can develop for your customers the large programs that are remarkably reliable and have the proven records of this skill. I did it as the project manager of a small team and as the developer. I achieve it combining the design patterns and the embedded testing.

You may benefit for may advance knowledge of the mathematics and physics (and hence, hardware). I have Ph.D in physics and mathematics.

I am a good software designer / architect as well software developer and project manager of small teams.

You may benefit from my large experience in many platforms (Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, embedded ones) and technologies. My level allows me selecting the most suited technology or OS for the task and work with the high productivity even when I did not use the technology or OS before.

The multi platform development example. My last (December 2008) project in ITSIB was the extendable software to test the Internet protocol performance worked on both Windows and Linux. It measured the Round Trip Time (RTT) and other performance parameters for TCP/IP, SCTP and UDT (not UDP) for Windows and TCP/IP and LKSCTP for Linux. Porting this software to Linux including extending for the new protocol LKSCTP and the testing took only five days.

The example of the quick unknown domain learning. When I made a (limited time) test client / server project for a company to get the job (year 2006), I made the best project (as they estimated it) though I had no previous experience in the client /server programming. Now I ported this project to Linux (Debian) also.

This project together with its source code is now available in http://www.codeproject.com/KB/IP/vmClientServerService.aspx
(more than 3,000,000 members). It has a very good rating and more than 32,000 downloads. Since it includes the source code you may download and see how I work with the technologies that are new to me. Now this project is ported into Linus also.

* Skill as the team leader
I have eight years of successful experience in the managing of the small team (up to 5 people).

The software, produced by the first my team was supplied to many Russian phone companies. This also may be confirmed by the corresponding documents.

At the end of 2007 my another team successfully finished the one year development of the Switch Group Module (the core of the phone stations) for the international company (SITRONICS Telecom Solutions). It has passed all the stress tests.

*Personal skill in C++
I have the shareware program Your Voice Reminder with more than 60,000 lines of the code and more than 300 C++ classes, written by me from scratch

I substituted my own clocks instead of the regular Microsoft in the MS Windows taskbar and implemented my own code to record and clear the voice messages including the automatic trimming the pause at the end. So now theses clocks may say date and time with your own voice.

There were up to five purchases of this program per month in English and French speaking country (mainly in USA and France).

The software is good enough for people to translated it all, including the help to French (free),
and for a news reader from a largest England radio station to recorded his voice (free).

Again you have the opportunity to download Your Voice Reminder and see that I can personally write large and reliable programs.

I know English and a little French.

I worked in USA (H1b visa only) and have the valid USA social security number.

Before 1993 I was a scientist and have Ph.D. in physics and mathematics.

I am living in Novosibirsk, Russia.

Worked across the whole software -- in virtually all aspects of software design and implementation. I also worked with cross functional teams.

Besides C++ I also developed in Java, Objective-C++ and Objective-C

*Specific Skills Summary
Some of my experience (as I mentioned above my level is high enough to make reliable software using any technology).

-Experience in the modern software development methods (Agile, Scrum, test driven (TDD))
-Experience in collaborative software development tools, TortoiseSVN, KDESvn, Team Foundation Server (TFS), Bugzilla and Trac
-Strong experience in C/C++ (including the patterns), VISUAL C++, KDevelop, Xcode, Eclipse, MFC, ATL, WTL, STL, Qt, Java, Visual Basic, Fortran
-Strong experience in development under Windows (95/98/Me/NT/2000/XP/Vista) including Internalization
-Experience in LINUX (Debian). Multi-threaded (pthreads), POSIX, client-server software development.
-Experience in Mac OS X 10.5 ("Leopard"), Xcode, Objective-C, Objective-C++, Cocoa and Darwin
-Strong experience in cross-platform application development, including Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, generic C++, Objective-C++, QT
-Experience in the development for the mobile devices (Android Software Development Kit. Goggle. Eclipse)
-Strong experience in working with the sound including clearing and pause trimming
-Strong experience in working with the images
-Strong experience in the client server application development and ACE.
-Strong experience in TCP/IP
-Strong experience in the real-time and embedded software development for a phone company (PharLap)
-Strong experience in MS Windows GUI (Visual Studio, MFC, WTL, Qt, Eclipse).
-Experience in Linux GUI development (Qt, KDevelop).
-Strong experience in Cryptography, Software protection, Data transfer security, Statistics
-Strong experience in Computer telephony, Voice - Fax message generation and answering machines
-Strong experience in Object-oriented software design and development including GUI, software protection and large systems
-Strong experience in Software testing, Reengineering and Debugging
-Strong experience in COM, ActiveX, ActiveX controls, using MFC and ATL
-Strong experience in Internet-aware applications, HTML, JavaScript, DHTML, Search Engines optimization; experience in Perl
-Strong experience in FoxPro, Persistent Maps or Hash Tables
-Experience in LINUX, XML, XSLT, VoiceXML, VXML, SQL, Transact-SQL, MySQL
-Experience in Taxes, Accounting, Money management and corresponding software development
-Strong experience in working with cross functional teams and working across the whole software
-Strong experience in all phases of the software development lifecycle
-Strong experience in Software Project Management (small groups, up to 4 persons)
-Ph.D. in Physics and Mathematics

*Work experience

February 2009 - Now. Temporary contractual work (the company, where I worked permanently more than two years was closed by its mother company in 2009 due to the recession).
-Successfully developed the cross-platform "Screen Share" (similar to Remote Desktop, but the "teacher" can share the desktop with many students simultaneously).
-Used MS Windows (Vista), Mac OS X 10.5 ("Leopard"), MS Visual Studio, Xcode, C++, Objective-C, Objective-C++, STL, Boost, OpenGL. Also connected C++ / Objective-C++ Screen Share with the existed Adobe Flex interface using XUL (XULRunner), XPCOM and JavaScript. Also developed the fast specialized cross platform multi-threading library (Windows, Linux, Mac OS X) with the cross platform synchronization (the critical sections and events). Also developed the specialized profiler to speed up the Screen Share. Used Adapter, Singleton and States design patterns.
-Successfully added undo - redo feature into the graphics program developed with QT. Used Qt integrated into MS Visual Studio, C++, STL, Boost.

August 2006 - January 2009. The senior software engineer in the Novosibirsk (Russia) affiliate of SITRONICS Telecom Solutions (an international telecommunication company with the headquarters in Czech Republic, Prague). The name of the affiliate is InterTel Siberia Ltd. Till 2008 I was working as the leader of a small team. The work involved object oriented design, team leadership, the real-time software (PharLap), client-server software, in particular ACE and Windows (PharLap may be compiled under Windows).

At the end of 2007 my team has successfully finished the reliable switch module (the core part of the phone station, about 100,000 lines of the code). The module successfully passed all the stress tests in Czech.

Unfortunately at the end of 2007 SITRONICS Telecom Solutions cut workforce and the project number. As the result after 2007 I was joined to the group that refactored Routing Information Service (RIS, more than 2,000,000 lines of the code) and also was used as the advanced developer to solve the most complex and important tasks in other teams. In 2008 in particular I have developed the new memory manager for RIS, the new safe formatters for the RIS messages, improved and the stabilized the RIS timers. I also have developed the multi platform flexible module that performed the load balancing for the wireless services: Service Execution Environment Engine as the part of the Wireless Intelligent Network. Finally as the preparation for the BUS project (the universal communication framework for the distributed modules of the phone stations) I has developed the multi platform test suite to test the Internet protocols.

-Used Visual C++, PharLap, Kdevelop for the development.
-Work under Windows and Linux
-Used Rational Rose Enterprise Edition for the modeling (UML) and software design.
-Used multithreading under MS Windows and Linux (pthreads) including the real time multithreading.
-Used Microsoft Visio for some diagrams in the software documentations.
-Used many design patterns like the adapter, composite, visitor, transaction (command), strategy, template method and singleton.
-Used TortoiseSVN ((Sub)Version Control) for the version control.
-Used Team Foundation Server for the project management (scrum) and bug tracking
-Used Bugzilla for the bug tracking
-Used "Tetronix" software to analyze the raw message log in RIS (Rout Interchange Service).
-Ported my private client-server project from Windows to Linux (Debian). Used KDevelop, Qt, pthreads (in my free time)
-Implemented the life goal and wellness monitor Life Line for the mobile platform "Android" (in my free time)

Dec.,2001 - August 2006 Independent software developer ("shareware author")
- Personally developed and sold "Your Voice Reminder" software mainly for US and French market. See http://www.friendly-ware.com/yvr/ and http://www.friendly-ware.com/YourVoiceReminderFrench/ (the applications are digitally signed).
-Used Visual Modeler (Rational Rose) for Object-oriented design and analysis.
-Used Visual C++, MFC, STL, ATL, WTL.
-Changed regular MS Windows taskbar clock for the customizable clock with the adjustable font and colors.
-Implemented the recording, clearing and trimming voice messages as well as playing them back
-Implemented the date / time announcement
-Implementing the recording of the customers voice for the date / time announcement
-Made custom system to manage the application windows.
-Used Strong Encryption and Multithreading for Software protection.
-Used Visual Source Safe for version control.
-Used HTML, DHTML, JavaScript, CGI, CSS, Microsoft Visual InterDev, and AllAire HomeSite -- all as part of an Internet Marketing program to distribute the software via the Internet.
-Developed and maintained all appropriate documentation, including development documentation and on-line help (in English and French).
- SEO. PR4 in Google
-Provided direct Customer support for the software.
-Was responsible for the marketing and selling the software.
-Was responsible for Testing and Quality Control of the software.

Mar.,2001 - Dec.,2001 Software Engineer, Guzik Technical Enterprises, Mountain View, California
-Implemented (upon customer request) new modules, modified GUI and old modules, and fixed bugs in multi-module, multi-process and multi-computer language GUZIK software that controls Hard-drive testing.
-Used Visual C++, Visual Basic, MFC, BISON, and Advanced debugging technique for development.
-Worked with cross functional teams
-Worked across the whole software -- in virtually all aspects of software design and implementation.

Jul.,1994 - Mar.,2001 Software Project Manager, Software Developer. BC LTD., Novosibirsk, Russia (2 to 5 employees)
-Designed and developed (working with cross-functional team) enterprise-quality, high-end software for phone companies -- Computer Telephony (Voice / Fax message sender and answering machine).
-Used Visual Modeler (Rational Rose) for Object-oriented design and analysis.
-Used Visual C++, MFC, STL, DOS, ZYXeL voice / fax-modem script for development.
-Used me modified Microsoft Document / View Architecture for software design.
-Used me designed MFC extensions to make third party ActiveX controls adjustable to main window size.
-Used Persistent Maps for data storage and FoxPro to integrate software with customer billing systems.
-Used Strong Encryption and Multithreading for Software protection.
-Implemented Block Cipher GOST (similar to DES) and Public-Key Algorithm for data transfer security.
-Developed ActiveX control with MFC and ATL for software protection.
-Used Visual Source Safe for version control.
-Used HTML, DHTML, JavaScript, CGI, CSS, Microsoft Visual InterDev, and AllAire -HomeSite -- all as part of an Internet Marketing program to distribute the software via the Internet.
-Developed and maintained all appropriate documentation, including development documentation and on-line help.
-Synchronized development process with other members of the team. Managed all the software projects.
-Provided direct Customer support for the software.
-Was responsible for marketing of the software.
-Was responsible for Testing and Quality Control of the software.

Jun.,1996 - Mar.,2001 Software Developer, Institute of Automation and Electrometry, Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences (part time), Novosibirsk, Russia
-Designed and developed (1997-1998) compact Java Internet and Intranet Search Engine "Retrieve", for small sites and individual users.
-Used JAVA for Platform-independence.
-Used JDK for development.
-Used Parser and Lexical analyzer generator (Compiler Compilers) JavaCC for parsing the HTML pages.
-Used Multithreading for speed, robustness, reliability and self restoration in the case of Internet connection problems.
-Used Persistent Hash Tables to store the information.
-Used LINUX to test server part of the Search Engine.
-Used Unicode for Internalization and multi encoding awareness.

Before Jun.1996 Senior Researcher (physics), Institute of Automation and Electrometry, Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Novosibirsk, Russia
Published about 30 scientific works, many of which involved computer simulation and modeling.

*Educational Background

1984. Ph.D. degree in Physics and Mathematics from Institute of Automation and Electrometry, Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences. Novosibirsk, Russia.
Thesis: Melting and Crystallization of Metals Heated buy Short - Time Laser Beam Impulse

1973. M.Sc. degree in Physics and Applied Mathematics (Major: Nuclear Physics) from Novosibirsk State University. Novosibirsk, Russia
Thesis: Working of Spark Chambers On - Line With Computers

Special Training: Business for Russia Program (sponsored by USA government, USIA, IREX). Oak Ridge, Tennessee, USA. One-month on-site training for management in Theta Systems, INC., and one-week lectures in Georgia State University, Diploma.

Professional accounting, Russia. Diploma (to facilitate the job search in the accounting software business)

* Membership
- 2004 to May 2006. Association of Shareware Professionals (ASP), USA
- 2004 - Now webmasterworld.com (SEO), full member. Nickname: Vadim


English, Russians and a little French.


Vasili Syskin (BES Technology Group)
Phone Number (408) 803 0331 (US, Day Time, PST)
e-mail: vsyskine@e2718.org
Vasili knows me as software developer (we worked together in Robocom project). He also knows me a little as a scientist (we worked in the same research Institute)

Oleg Bityutskiy
Worked with me in in US (Guzik).

Elena Zamorueva (Guzik Technical Enterprises)
Phone number (650) 625-8000 ext. 262 (US, Day Time, PST)
e-mail: elz@guzik.com
With Elena we worked in the same office in my last work in US (Guzik)




Alphabetical list of some other skills & technologies I used, studied, or evaluated:

Block Ciphers
C++ Builder
Computer Simulations and Modeling
Internet Security
Microsoft Access
Microsoft SQL Server
Security Programming
Speech Recognition
Software quality control
Statistical Methods
Visual J++
Voice and Fax mails
Voice/fax modem programming
Voice Recognition
WEB Voice Applications
Wireless Systems
ZyXEL modem.