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Wellness Time Management Guide

If you ever had the feeling that you should do something to maintain your wellness you was absolutely right. You cannot keep up your wellness without the regular "exercises" in all the wellness dimensions.

Three problems immediately arise, however.

  1. What kind of "exercises" you should do, say, in the emotional dimension.
  2. How much time to spend for the "exercises".
  3. How to monitor that you spend enough time for each of the "exercises".
The Wellness Time Management Guide addresses all the three questions and suggests the typical wellness exercises program.

It turns out that the time monitoring is the most difficult part and therefore the time management is vitally important for the wellness. The problem here is that you should remember to spend time regularly on about sixteen types of the exercises and nobody can track more than about seven things without an external help.

There are two solutions to this problem. You may either hire the "life coach" to balance your time or use the software wellness time monitor for this purpose. The first solution is obvious and expensive. As far as we know there is the only one software wellness time balance monitor Activities and Priorities. Therefore it is also briefly discussed in the Wellness Time Management Guide.

For your convenience below is the Wellness Time Management Guide Contents.

Wellness Time Management Guide Contents

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