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Activities and Priorities

Activities and Priorities is a flexible strategic time manager and wellness monitor that help you balance your life and brings the stress relief. It shows, which of your main life goals (e.g. health, relationships or work or other) is currently the most important.
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Life line. Work-life balancing with Activities and Priorities. Have you ever had the feeling you were so occupied with work that you neglected your health, relationships with friends or family? Or perhaps you have the opposite problem: You so enjoying mixing and socializing you tend to forget about your routine chores and responsibilities. If so, then you need Activities and Priorities. Download it now and try it out.

Activities and Priorities (AAP) is different from the regular planners and organizers. It does not monitor the things, to which you can directly assign the priorities yourself.

AAP monitors equally and vitally important things like work, health, relationships, main life goals, all things that you should do regularly to have the success in life, be happy and healthy. It is senseless to assign the fixed priorities to such activities. The highest priority has the most neglected activity. The priorities change with time and AAP shows them to you.

It is illustrated with "Life line" image where we understand the "Life Time" as the time that we spend on all things other than work: the health, family, relationships etc.

Another signs that you need Activities and Priorities

If so, again, download Activities and Priorities. See if it does not bring you the stress relief, help in keeping up the wellness and your life harmonizing.

What Activities and Priorities actually is

In terms of the wellness, Activities and Priorities is the wellness monitor. In terms of the time management, Activities and Priorities monitors Quadrant 2 of the Time Management Matrix with the most important though not urgent things ("First Things" as Stephen Covey, the author of the bestseller calls it).

In a way Activities and Priorities is the compass that shows what is the most important now to keep our wellness up and our life balanced. Here we use the word "balance" in the sense of Stephen Covey, "as running from one area to another fast enough to spend time in each other on regular basis". It is like an automotive navigation system in "the long winding road" of our life in the absence of the direction signs.

Even the free version of Activities and Priorities allows maintaining work-life balance.

The history of Activities and Priorities

Initially Activities and Priorities was made by its author Vadim Motorine in 1999 for his own needs. It was nothing to compare with and only later he recognized what he had developed in terms of the wellness and the time management.
Vadim Motorine: You see, I first made Activities and Priorities for myself because I had found myself in an increasingly stressful situation. I had to pay attention to existing customers, prospect for new customers, oversee my employees, write programming code, and care for my family - all the while keeping myself in good physical condition in order to be able to accomplish all this.

Yes, I had a personal information manager (PIM) and an organizer. But, all time management devices and software I knew only concerned schedules. I simply could not follow a strict schedule - not just because it was too boring, but because I really could not make myself follow it. Adhering to a strict schedule seemed senseless. How could I refuse to answer the call of an important customer, if according to my "schedule" I had to program or some other task? And, the idea of paying attention to my wife according a schedule did not appeal to me at all - and I'm certain it didn't thrill her either.

A strict schedule is not what I need - I need to know priorities. I need to know what to do first when I have a choice. I need to know when a particular activity has been seriously neglected - even dangerously so. Then, I can give that activity special attention. I need a dynamic time manager such as I had never seen before.

So, I had to make something new and innovative. And, now you have a chance to try this original and innovative the wellness and the time management monitoring program that will increase your productivity and keep up your wellness. Probably it is the first application that reflects some important modern trends in the time management as well as in the wellness monitoring.

When I decided I had to program something myself - to create something new and unique - my first idea was to simply calculate how much time I spent for an activity. But, I quickly realized that wouldn't work. At the end of a busy day I can only remember approximately how much time I spent for activities. Because I am usually so busy, I don't have the time to look at my watch regularly and make a notation of how much time I spent. Besides being boring, I prefer to think about how to accomplish my activity well - and not how much time I'm spending on it.

Because of this, errors in the recording of time spent seemed natural and unavoidable. So, I decided to make a tolerant™ program that is forgiving of these natural errors. The program gradually forgets them. As far as I know this is a new idea in PIMs.

However there was another problem. Because we naturally tend to forget the past, we sometimes don't realize it until a long time has passed. In many cases it would be impossible to "catch up" on the allocated time missed. Even if one could "catch up" it would seem strange - and in some cases it would be harmful. For example, what if one tried to compensate for years of neglecting exercise in one day? Or, imagine how strange it would be for a worker to begin to chat with his coworkers all day long, trying to make up for neglected time? In most cases it would be wiser to just begin again to spend the allocated time regularly and to forget about "lost time". I designed Activities and Priorities with just this natural behavior in mind. If you begin to spend planned time regularly, AAP will gradually forgive and forget past time mismanagement. It is what I call the oblivion™ concept. And, as far as I know, it is a novel idea.

So has it helped me? Yes, it has! And, it continues to help. It is a kind of self-help. I have been using Activities and Priorities for several years now. Every morning I spend a couple of minutes with Activities and Priorities to enter time spent and see which activities have highest priorities. I know what activity I should take part in or think about, if I have a choice. Because of this, I am more relaxed and do not feel under stress any more. I simply work and live and find that my life has become more harmonized and my work more productive.

Activities and Priorities has helped me overcome the stress of having to solve many problems simultaneously, has helped me to increase productivity, and has harmonized my life. I know it will help you also. Why? Because I believe that the problem of managing many activities in frequently changing and unpredictable situations is typical. From the housewife, who has to pay attention to her husband, children, home finances, and her own health and beauty; to managers, CEOs, presidents and the affluent persons who care about their wellness. Many managers, of course, have a secretary to manage their everyday schedule, but they can hardly trust the management of their wellness as well as important, strategic, and overall direction of their life to anyone but themselves. Activities and Priorities may even help teenagers who often need to be more organized and hate a strict schedule.

Activities and Priorities is very flexible. AAP informs you that a certain activity has been neglected and therefore it now has a high priority. But it doesn't dictate to you how and when you should pay attention to it. Activities and Priorities is useful for any busy person as well as to any retired person or affluent person with plenty of free time because even you can stop to manage the business activities and related life goals you never can stop to manage your wellness.

Of course, you may feel you live in perfect harmony and do not need to balance your activities. Well, maybe you do feel this way - many people do - but is it really so? You might be one of the lucky few - the exception to the rule. But, psychologists - and common sense - tell us that most of us have no reliable sense of time. We tend to underestimate the time we spend on those activities we like and overestimate the time we spend on the activities we do not like - even when the disliked activities are useful or even vitally important. At least, you can check your feelings with Activities and Priorities. There will be no harm knowing the truth exactly and, who knows, maybe Activities and Priorities will save your life - for example, by persuading you to spend more time on your health and saving you from a heart attack. I sincerely believe that AAP will increase the probability that you life will be happy, successful and harmonized. So, try Activities and Priorities and observe the results.

Activities and Priorities does not require much time. A couple of minutes every morning is not much, is it? Why doesn't it require very much time? Well, because, first there are not that many important activities in our lives - usually not more then 3 to 7. Activities are not the numerous everyday problems. Activities are the important parts of our lives - like health, work, and relations with people. Also, you don't have to remember time spent exactly because of the tolerance built into AAP. I, for example, just enter every morning what I remember about the previous day and do not bother or worry about small errors.

Download it and give it a try. Activities and Priorities has no time limits and the most essential and frequently used part of it is free. So, it might be that you can forget your stress, increase your productivity, and harmonize your life for free. There are no obligations on your side.

So again, download Activities and Priorities. Why not? It's small and easy to use (tutors, samples, help). It has no time limits. And, it's likely the free part will be enough for you. You are not obligated in any way. I believe that Activities and Priorities will bring you the stress relief, keep up your wellness, increase the productivity of your work, help you harmonize your life, and be a little happier. Why not? If it did it for me, it will do it for you. Use it!

Activities and Priorities is a part of Dynamic Time Management Suite. The Suite incorporates all that you need to manage your time effectively. Besides Activities and Priorities that manages your main life goals and the wellness, it includes enhanced everyday time manager for deadline driven things Your Voice Reminder and free Guide to Dynamic Time Management.

The concept of Activities and Priorities is new and innovative. It is probably the first application that incorporates the most important of the new trends in the modern time management and the wellness. To better understand how it does this, consider reading the wellness section of this site and Guide to Dynamic Time Management, which is a compendium of the latest advice from the leading time management experts.

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