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Clocks in Time Management

Monitoring Time is probably the most monotonous and dull job in the communication with Time. This job requires no creativity but takes the time. Just to look at our clocks takes not less than 1-2 seconds. This time increases up to 10 seconds if the activity we are involved in requires all our attention. All this 10 seconds we are out of our main activity and may miss something important.

Clocks are everywhere. They are in our smartphones, in the car radios, on our computer screens, on our desktops, in our microwave ovens. Does not it looks like we are slaves of Time? To be a slave is boring, humiliating and is not the best way to build relations with Time. Time as any boss will not respect slaves.

No wonder, that we do not especially like the time management programs that encourage us to be a slave to Time. Women, as more emotional creatures probably always felt this. Had you notice that women's watches use to be smaller than men's? I believe it is because women are more sensitive to the dullness of the time monitoring. Besides women are more aural creatures and probably always prefer to hear the time rather than see it. You may also noticed that the clocks in the computer taskbars are usually small and hardly visible. I believe that designers did their homework and found out that the large bright clocks are appealing for the short time but become boring in the long run.

As any monotonous and time consuming job the time monitoring should be delegated. Wealthy people always delegated it either to a servant or to the secretary. Time management tools prior to this new fifth generation did not take into account the nature of Time, and instead of saving us time, they often forced us to devote more hours to time management.

Good relations with Time require clocks to be changed so that they would appear only when we summon them. It would be even better if they could talk and tell us the time with a pleasant voice. Probably due to this reason people nowadays wear the watches less often and more rely on the reminders and alarms in the smartphones.

Time awareness and clocks though important and common is only the simplest form of the communication with Time. As with people, to establish communication and be on really good term with Time, we should always be close to him. As is well known, Time always "flies" and we should be ready to move together with him. In other words, we should not be ahead of Time and, what is more important, we should not allow Time to pass us by. In the next chapter we will consider how we may manage moving with Time.

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