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To-do List in Dynamic Time Management

We have already discussed in one of previous pages why in modern dynamic time management approach to-do list becomes short (5 to 10 items for day) and why usually there is no sense to compose to-do list more than for a few nearest days. Below I sum-up the main reasons.

Most of time manager gurus advice to compose your to-day list yearly in the morning when you mind is fresh and it is unlikely that someone interrupts you. I also compose my to-do list in the morning looking at priorities of my main activities, which shows me by Activities and Priorities and adding deadline driven things to my smartphone. I made Activities and Priorities program for this purpose when being in permanent crisis and stressful situation recognized that it could help me to become opportunity mind person instead of crisis manager. However if you think that I always prefer the to-do list in electronic form you are wrong.

It is true that computers and programs are both my work and hobby, but I never understood people, who rely solely on their electronic to-do lists. I prefer to have my to-do list always with me and modify it as needed, keeping in mind my main activities. However I cannot always to have my smartphone with me. It is too fragile for me while I do, say jogging. But I found out that many good ideas came to me during this time and I need something to record them. Smartphones also attract too much attention, when, for example, I need my to-do list during a meeting to remind myself about the topics that I planned to discuss.

Often I prefer a sheet of paper. Long ago, I found out from TV news that the presidents of many western countries also preferred the sheets of paper for their to-do list in summits. So I am in a good company and I invite you to join. I will describe how you can make the convenient weekly to-do list of palm size from standard A4 or Letter size sheet of paper in a minute.

After the using, you can put these lists into a folder and keep it there forever so that you could always find, say, the name and phone of the person that you talked in the plane several years ago. Papers are much more reliable than electronic devices when you store your information for long time.

I read about this "sheet of paper organizer" many years ago in a magazine. Unfortunately I did not remember neither the name of its author nor the magazine, but I remember that the author does not mind if someone distributes his idea for free.

So let us begin. Take A4 sheet of paper. A4 is the most common size that people use in offices. If you have no A4 paper, take any rectangular sheet of paper about two your palms in height ant 1.5 palm in width. Exact size does not matter much. Bend it like in image below.
How to folder the paper to-do list
In the folded state the size of the to-do list is slightly less than the palm and it fit in almost any pocket or bag.

Let us proceed. Unfold the paper and write days and their names at both sides of the paper similar to the example below (the bending lines are marked by dashed lines)
How to distrubute the days of a week in the paper to-do list
In the top of the list you usually writes your morning tasks, in the middle of the list usually are your afternoon tasks and at the bottom are your evening tasks. The morning, afternoon and evening are separated by bending lines. At the end of the list (Sa-Su i.e. weekend evening) I usually write tasks for the next week.

It is convenient to fold this to-do list so that the present time is at the front. For example, for Tuesday afternoon it is convenient to fold the list as in example below.
How to folder to-do list for a particular day
Your palm size, paper thin, extremely reliable, stable and imperceptible to-do list is ready.


"Planning is of no use at all, unless it eventually degenerates into work". (Peter Drucker)

"Effective people are not problem-minded; they're opportunity-minded. They feed opportunities and starve problems." (Stephen Covey)

"Personal leadership is not a singular experience. It is, rather, the ongoing process of keeping your vision and values before you and aligning your life to be congruent with those most important things".(Stephen Covey)

"Basing our happiness on our ability to control everything is futile (Stephen Covey)".

"As the number of items on your to-do list grows, your ability to accomplish your goals diminishes. (Having a long to-do list will also, ironically, make the task of time management itself take longer.) Your goal should be to come up with a daily list of fewer than ten or, better yet, five important tasks". (Hillary Rettig)

"Everything should be made as simple as possible, and no simpler". (Albert Einstein)

"I recommend writing out your to-do list in the morning". (Hillary Rettig)

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