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Spiritual Wellness Dimension Exercises

To marry this person or not, to have the children or not, to continue the formal education after finishing the school or not, to try the first cigarette or not, "to be or not to be".

These and similar points of no return or virtually no return can have life long impact on our wellness.

The problem is that we cannot make good choice at these points ourselves because it's like Catch-22. Until we make the choice we have no experience (and hence intuition), but after we make the decision we cannot return.

In most cases we also cannot trust the personal opinions of others and not only because they also have very limited experience. The main reason is that the decision depends on our own personality.

For example dropping out the university in general is not a good idea. However if Bill Gates had not dropped out of Harvard during his third year, we probably would have never heard about Microsoft now (and guess what his father advised him concerning the leaving the Harvard!). By the way, Bill Gates did his homework or in the terms of the wellness "spiritual exercise". His decision was well thought-out.

We also cannot let the life or others decide for us because it's like a gambling. If for the single no return point your chance that such a "decision" is correct, say 0.5 (50% or 1:2) for two points it's only 0.5x0.5 = 0.25 (25% or 1:4), for three points only 0.5x0.5x0.5 = 0.125 (12.5% or 1:8). Here the same universal wellness entropy law works: if we do nothing we eventually get the disorder. Only in the case of the points of no returns we usually cannot cure it.

The only thing we can do is to study the generalize mankind experience of many generations that had similar problems, looking for the pattern that suits us personally. This is that animals cannot do. The mankind experience is more than any individual experience. This is the spiritual.

So the spiritual exercise is the studying the mankind experience that is relevant for our age and occupation.

Since we do not know exact time after which we cannot return, it is especially easy to forget that we need to exercise and here we especially need the wellness monitor, because if we do not take the right decision in time, either the time itself or other people do it for us and if the decision is wrong we may regret the whole our life.

Naturally the spiritual exercise more resembles the scientific research than repetitive physical exercise. The spiritual exercises are not so repetitive but we sill should spent the time for them regularly. As usual we should exercise at least 45 minutes 3 times a week. You may find the typical time for the other wellness exercises in the Typical Wellness Exercise Program page.

The first that we should do is to find the reliable sources of the information about our most urgent point of no return, then search for the information that we need, then decide whether this information is applied to us and if it is so, use the information to take our own decision. This is a long process but vitally important to keep up our wellness.

To find the reliable sources of the information is probably the most difficult. It should be the sources, about which most of very different people of different generations that really studied the source has positive opinion. In short it should be something classic. Of course in nowadays also appear the information sources that will be classic in future. They have one common feature. They complement the mankind experience and never negate the previous mankind experience as a whole. They all have the references to the older classic sources. However if you just begin it is better to stick to classic.

The good initial references to the trusted sources you may find in a well known Encyclopedia such as Encyclopædia Britannica. It seems that Wikipedia is also deserves the trust.

Another good way is to ask a librarian in the large library with the traditions, were the books and multimedia sources were selected with the advises of clever people. Librarians usually know the information sources that people of different generations like. If you think that only a scientist may suggest using the libraries you are wrong. You may find this advice for example is in the bestseller "Swim with the Sharks Without Being Eaten Alive: Outsell, Outmanage, Outmotivate, and Outnegotiate Your Competition" written by self-made businessmen and millionaire Harvey Mackay (Ballantine Books, 1989).

And remember, that the information sources about the mankind experience may be very different: from The Holly Bible and Shakespeare to movie "Gone with the wind" and biographies of the successful people. They simply should be classic in the sense mentioned above.

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