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Wellness Dimensions

The six wellness dimensions suggested by Hettler are similar to Covey's "First Things", "energies" by Jim Loehr and Tony Schwartz as well as to the set of the activities in the Activities and Priorities software developed by me (Vadim Motorine).

All the four probably came to essentially the same result independently. Dr. Bill Hettler studied the wellness, Covey studied the "habits of highly effective people", Jim Loehr and Tony Schwartz studied the ways to achieve the highest results for top-flight athletes as well as the corporate mangagers and I developed the software to balance the most important activities of my own life. You may see the relation between the three sets of the main life dimensions in the table below. As for Activities and Priorities, it can help balance any of these sets and more . Note that all the authors talk about the need to balance.

The relations between the sets of the most important life dimensions to balance.
Life Dimensions
"First Things"
Jim Loehr and Tony Schwartz
Physical Physical Physical
Social Social Emotional
Spiritual Spiritual Spiritual
Occupational Mental Mental

In what follows we stick to Hettler's six dimensions because he did serious researches specifically into the wellness that we discuss here.

The Hettler's six wellness dimensions are general and therefore rather abstract. We feel that we need to explain why balancing them i.e. "running from one area to another fast enough to spend time in each other on regular basis" is vitally important. In other words, what kind of "exercises" we should do spending the time in each of the dimensions and what they are for.

The goals of the wellness "exercises" are summarized in the table below. You may read the details, clicking the particular entry. To see the typical wellness exercise program click here.

Wellness Dimensions The goal of the "exercises"
Physical Physical health (internal safety)
Social Friendly attitude from people and respectful from the state (external safety)
Emotional To be able to enjoy the life and be successful
Spiritual To be able to take wise and timely decisions at and/or for the "points of no return" in your life
Occupational To have the interest in your life and may be also money
Intellectual To take your own correct decisions in your own interests when there is a choice and/or problem. To be free.
There is also the suggestion to add Environmental dimension but we believe that Environmental can be combined from other dimensions, mainly from Physical, Social and Occupational and therefore should not be included in to the set of the basic dimensions.
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