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Wellness Exercise Program

Below is the typical wellness exercise program but people are not typical. They are different.

Your specific wellness program depends on your personality, occupation, health and many other things. However there are several invariants.

All the six wellness dimensions of the wellness wheel and their subdimensions will stay, though, depending on your occupation, you may find more convenient to batch them differently or do not list in the wellness monitor explicitly. For example, if your occupation is sport, the aerobics, jogging or both may be the part of your occupation and there is no need to mention them in this case.

The time of the exercises may be different, though you should do them at least once a week and for many exercises at least three times a week. You may calculate the time and frequency yourself* following the guidelines to the wellness dimensions exercises pages. The links to them are in Wellness Dimensions and Subdimensions column. The times in the table usually is the minimum except for the work, where regular 8 hours a day and 5 days a week was assumed. If you sum up the time in the table you will see that all "exercises" including the work occupy only about half of your time, assuming that you sleep eight hours a day, so you have the reserve to increase the time for some wellness dimensions.

Special note about the physical exercises. If you have no experience, consult your doctor first. The time in the table assumes that you are already in good physical form. It should be much shorter if you are the beginner.

We would like to stress that to maintain the wellness you should do all the exercises from the table regularly. However large number of the wellness dimensions and subdimensions (sixteen in the table) and the nature of some "exercises" (building relationships with you neighbors, for example) gives no hope to do them on strict schedule. Therefore you have to use a flexible wellness balance monitor that shows you the priorities of the wellness dimensions so you could rearrange your schedule if one of the wellness dimensions is dangerously neglected or select the wellness dimension that better fits in you current schedule. As far as we know, only Activities and Priorities software has al the required features.

Typical Wellness Exercise Program
Wellness Dimensions and Subdimensions Time to spend in Hours:Minutes per Week Notes
Emotional 3x0:45 Assuming that emotional experiencing and emotional intelligence exercises are combined, e.g. in a game
Intellectual. News 3x0:45  
Intellectual. Solution and Testing 3x0:45 Applying the intuition and testing
Occupational. Learning 5x0:45 Assuming five working days a week
Occupational. Discussing Results 0:45  
Occupational. Social. Colleagues 5x0:45 Mainly lunch time
Occupational. Social. First Level Boss 0:30  
Occupation. Social. Second Level Boss 0:03 It is important to impress her / him
Occupational. Work 5x6:00 We subtracted the lunch time and the time to learn from typical 8 hours a day
Physical. Jogging 3x0:45 Cooper style aerobics for the heart
Physical. Aerobics 3x0:45 Fonda style aerobics for the joints, e.g. dancing-like, karate, taekwondo
Social. Family 3x0:45  
Social. Neighbors and Local community 1:30 Assuming you maintain the personal relations with two neighbors, for the case when one may absent.
Social. Local Communities Bosses 0:03 Communities Bosses are usually second level bosses relative to us
Social. Doctors (medicine) 0:03 Doctors are usually second level bosses relative to us
Spiritual 3x0:45  
*If you prefer, for small charge we may help you customize the typical program to your personal needs. Click here for the details.

Below you see how Activities and Priorities software shows the priorities for the above wellness exercises program in the case of the workaholic who worked even the whole Saturday. The priorities are always for the nearest future, i.e. for Sunday in our example.

Red color in "Priorities of Activities" pane shows that the person should build on Sunday the personal family relationships at all cost because the crisis in the family is very probable.

Orange color for aerobics and jogging shows that they are dangerously neglected though not as much as family relationships.

Almost all other dimensions are in the OK white zone probably because the person spent enough time for them in the past.

Work is in the green zone that means that person has spent more than enough time for the work.

For the person it is enough to glance at the top four dimensions of "Priorities of Activities" pane to see that on Sunday he/she should find the time for the family at all cost and do physical exercises for the health. If the person has time it is worth also to talk with the neighbors though it is not an urgent task yet. There is no need to keep in memory all other twelve activities (dimensions) for Sunday since they got enough time in the past.

To keep in mind just three to four wellness dimensions is easy while keeping in mind all 16 dimensions is simply impossible. This is why the wellness monitor is must to have.

Activities and Priorities as the wellness balance monitor.

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