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Wellness Monitor

We need two kinds of the wellness monitors. One is to estimate our wellness state and the other to keep our wellness up. The last one, the wellness keeping monitor, is more important.

To understand it easier, let us compare the wellness monitoring with the monitoring of a common chronic disease, say the high blood pressure (hypertension).

In both cases we should monitor the health state, though in the case of the wellness we should monitor more parameters than just the blood pressure.

In both cases to keep up the regular state is in a way more important because just knowing the state gives nothing without taking the blood pressure drags or doing the wellness "exercises".

In both cases we may need an external monitor to see whether we properly keep up the healthy state. For the blood pressure it is often the pillbox that monitors how many pills were actually take in a given day. We discuss how to monitor the wellness keeping a little later. Here we would like to stress that in the case of the wellness as distinct from the blood pressure, we never can monitor the wellness keeping without an external help.

The point is that in the case of the wellness we should monitor not just one pill taking but at least six wellness dimensions and actually more. For example in LiveWell wellness system there are one hundred questions to estimate your wellness state. Fortunately the real number of the wellness dimensions and sub dimensions to monitor is much less because one exercise such as aerobics may keep up many of them but in the typical wellness program the number of the parameters to monitor is sixteen, i.e. greater than seven. If you take into account that most of us cannot monitor more than seven things simultaneously you understand why in the case of the blood pressure, as a rule, only elderly people need an external monitor, such as the pillbox, and why in the case of the wellness the external wellness monitor that helps us to keep it up is a must for all.

The comparison of the wellness keeping and the blood pressure treatment monitoring
  Wellness Blood Pressure
What to monitor The time spend for the "exercises" The pill taking
Importance of the monitoring Vital Vital
Typical number of the "dimensions" to monitor sixteen one
(assuming the one type of the pill prescription)
The chance of the successful monitoring without external help
Zero Good for adults except for elderly people with bad memory
The typical monitoring "tool"
Activities and Priorities A pillbox

Unfortunately for the working active and mobile people neither wellness centers nor traditional medication reminders solve the problem of the wellness keeping monitoring, because we should consolidate enough time for the wellness exercises, usually at least an hour. In real modern life we often cannot say in advance when we find this hour so any reminders for the fixed time are pretty useless.

Wellness centers and "life coaches" are good to monitor the wellness state and help us to compose the personal wellness plan. However unless we live in the wellness centers permanently or hire the life coach as our full-time assistant, they can do very little to monitor how we really implement the wellness program into life and as was proven above we cannot do it ourselves without the external help.

Usually we end up "exercising" only in the small number of the wellness dimensions that we like or consider as urgent and as the result the disorder in other dimensions grows until we get the crisis. For example, if you are workaholic you may be unhappy in the family life and if you devote all your time to the family, forgetting, about, say the fitness exercises or aerobics you may become less attractive to your spouse or loose your health. The worst thing is that people have no reliable sense of time and without the external monitor we may be absolutely sure that give enough attention to those wellness dimensions that are actually so neglected that may provoke the crisis at any time.

So we need the intelligent monitor that

In a way we need the compass that shows in the multi-dimensional wellness space what is the most important now to keep our wellness up, because, as wrote Stephen Covey, "if we one degree off in our air travel from San Francisco we could wind up in Moscow instead of Jerusalem". We know the only one monitor of such a kind. It is Activities and Priorities software.

However, before describing in more details how the software monitors the wellness keeping, it worth to know what exactly it should monitor. Fortunately this difficult problem has been solved. In the next pages we discuss the so called wellness wheel that includes the six main wellness dimensions.

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