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Wellness Wheel

Six sectors (dimensions) of Wellness Wheel: Emotional, Occupational, Physical, Social and Spiritual.
Wellness Wheel was suggested by Dr. Bill Hettler. More exactly it was Wellness Hexagon (the shape with six equal sides). However, people more often call it wheel probably because the word wheel is more common, the wheel is rounder and everybody knows what the wheel is.

The most important in the wheel (as well as in the hexagon) is that if we remove any of the six dimensions (sectors) from the wheel, it stops to be a wheel. Also, as you may notice, all sectors are equal. It is indeed a good metaphor for the wellness because if we get problems in any of the six wellness dimensions we loose the wellness as a whole in other words we become unhappy. It means that to preserve the wellness we should "exercise" in all the six wellness dimensions and continuously balance them. Here we, following Stephen Covey, "think of balance as running from one area to another fast enough to spend time in each other on regular basis". As was mentioned in wellness monitor page, we cannot balance the wellness dimensions ourselves without an external wellness monitor.

We understand that for some of the wellness dimensions it may be not obvious, what kind of "exercises" we should do to support them. It may be not obvious even that we should care about some of the wellness dimensions, for example about the spiritual one. However, as we are going to show in the page about the wellness dimensions, all they are indeed vitally important and, in particular, neglecting the spiritual dimension may spoil all our life without the option to recover because spiritual "exercise" is actually the training to make the decisions at the points of no return.

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