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Your Voice Reminder

Your Voice Reminder reminds you about important events, tasks and appointments in advance so that you could prepare. It lets you track the time with ease, announcing it aloud and reminding when you should interrupt.

Your Voice Reminder software is the part of Dynamic Time Management Suite that relieves the stress of the time pressure, saving the time you spend on the time management and adding the human touch to it. It reminds you about important events in advance with its startup reminders. It lets you track the time with ease, saying the time periodically and reminding with text or voice when you should break. It can speak with the voice of your friend or your own and show the photo near the calendar. It is an enhanced time manager with calendars, ever-new random-color reminders and alarms window, printable to-do list (together with tasks and appointments). You may export reminders (tasks, to-do items) and alarms (appointments), take with you, import and merge.
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Get organized in minutes today - the easy and personal way!
download free trial full featured version of Your Voice Reminder buy Your Voice Reminder now for $29.95 System Requirements: Windows 98, Me, 2000, or XP. Sound card. Download size 3.4 MB.

With Your Voice Reminder you can (see also "Advantages" and "Even more details")

  • Do not bother to see date /time at all and just listen to date /time announcement with your own voice. Only your own voice will be for sure always pleasant to you.
  • Get quick look at the forthcoming events for today and tomorrow in the virtual desktop.
  • View all your events, reminders (tasks, to-do items) and alarms (appointments) in a daily view simply clicking the days in the calendar.
  • Print your to-do list, (including tasks and appointments) automatically composed from your alarms and startup reminders, in a convenient portable format that fit virtually any bag or pocket.
  • Export reminders (tasks, to-do items) and alarms (appointments), take with you, import and merge.
  • Attach your favorite image to a "virtual desktop" near the calendar and quickly close it if "boss is near"
  • Fill all future timetables with a periodic event at one setting.
  • Never forget to make room in your timetable for future projects.
  • Never forget your appointments or special occasions: holidays, birthdays, club meetings etc.
  • Never forget about micro pauses to prevent the computer over-usage diseases.
  • Work in comfort and be warned when it's time for the phone calls, lunch etc.
  • Greet yourself at startup with voice or text greetings, e.g.: "Good Morning, your majesty!"
  • Keep you desktop clean and with one mouse move view the calendar, clock and forthcoming events list in a kind of virtual desktop.
  • Quickly prepare unique personalized gift for her or him.
  • Easily see the time with colorful taskbar clock.
  • Work with hidden taskbar and still easily see the time /date.
  • Quickly record your friend or your own voice for date / time announcement and hear the date /time with the voice that is always pleasant to you.
Advantages (see also "Even more details")
In addition to all of the calendar, computer alarm clocks, to-do list, and reminder features that you'd expect in a time management application, Your Voice Reminder

Announces aloud the time / date with the voice of a person your love or your own and also greets you.
Frees your desktop by placing your calendar, analog clock, and upcoming event list on a virtual desktop that can be opened and closed with a single mouse movement.
Your Voice Reminder (YVR) Screenshot: taskbar clock with round corners, pop-up round clock, calendar, pop-up image, to-do list, reminders and alarms window. Lets you display photos and images in a private (pop-up) manner and with animation.
Lets customizing your taskbar clock as never before.
Lets hiding taskbar and still quickly access the clock, calendar all other features.
Active task list. Appointments, tasks and items in to-do list are treated as alarms, special startup reminders and regular startup reminders correspondingly. The opposite is also true. Alarms may be considered as appointments in the daily worksheet, reminders as startup items and alarms as tasks. You may view this "to-do list" (including tasks and appointments) or print it in a convenient portable format that fit virtually any bag or pocket. It is especially handy when you should unexpectedly leave your computer and get all your current reminders and alarms with you.
Has three attractive computer alarm clocks. Two of them (round pop-up clock and taskbar clock) you see in the screenshot above (click it to enlarge). The third is the tray icon that may show time instead of the taskbar clock.
Is able to stack alarms (appointments) in the same time frame.
Supports multi-line notes in the reminders (tasks or to-do items) and alarm (appointments).
Supports random-color in reminders and alarms window.
Supports multiple users at the same computer at home and Windows XP fast user switching (only for multi-user installer version).
Has full text search for the reminders and alarms (i.e. tasks, to-do items and appointments).
With your voice recorded or image attached Your Voice Reminder could be a great, unique and personalized gift idea for her, for him and, well, yourself. You may easily email your voice (date /time recording).
To record your time announcement is as easy as to say 29 words.
The program has automatic noise reduction, recording volume control, and phrase trimming.
The program includes sample reminders for major US holidays, daylight savings time, and other key events.

Even more details on separate pages.

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